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Strategic Partners

ERISA Fidelity Bonding Resource
If your plan needs a fidelity bond, we recommend that you contact your property and casualty insurance carrier to see if they can help you. If you need a resource for this important service, many of our clients have chosen Colonial Surety Company as an industry leader for this type of coverage. Please feel free to contact Colonial Surety directly at 888-383-3313 and tell them Pension Strategies sent you, our referral code is AZ0374 so they can report back to us when your coverage has been obtained. There is no financial incentive or affiliation between Colonial Surety and our firm, we're just here to help you meet your bonding requirement. Please click here to learn more.

Payroll, Human Resources and Retirement Plan Administration Integration Resources
Pension Strategies, Inc is collaborating with the leading Payroll and Human Resources providers to make your processes seamless and simplified. Eliminate extra steps, streamline your workload and ensure accuracy by combining the provider services you already have in place.

We can work directly with your current payroll and human resources provider or we can recommend a provider we work with regularly including:

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By integrating payroll, human resources and retirement plan administration you'll see immediate benefits including:

  • Enhanced data integration and collection services.
  • Automation of the retirement plan contribution processes.
  • Simplified data collection processes.
  • Streamlined plan administration by eliminating manual steps.
  • Reduction in data entry errors.
  • Integration opportunities between payroll and investment company platforms.

Pension Strategies is available to review integration strategies with payroll providers throughout the industry. We receive no commissions or additional fees from the payroll companies, so we are unbiased in helping you choose the best resources for you. Contact us to explore opportunities that payroll, human resources and retirement plan integration can provide.

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